MLM Jumpers Give the Network Marketing Industry a Bad Name

mlm jumpers

When Times Are Tough in Network Marketing, You have 3 Choices : Stay, Jump, Or Quit!

Why the MLM jumpers make me crazy!

People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, IF AT ALL, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often. – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

After more than a decade of working in the Home Based Business industry, it seems pretty clear to me that you really have 3 courses of action to take when the ‘going gets tough’ in your Home Based Business.

1. Stay with your Network Marketing company and change something about yourself so that you can succeed.
2. Go to another company.
3. Quit the home based business industry and give up on your dreams.

Now, I do believe that the 2nd and third choice are far more common than the first. Its highly unfortunate, but Network Marketers have a schizoid rap – they often change their minds and make decisions based on emotion rather than any rational decision making process.

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I also believe that they have unrealistic expectations from the outset. Often marketing that sells them the home based business opportunity does make it seem all very exciting, fast and furiously profitable. But in reality, it is NetWORK marketing – and there are some very real similarities to a regular JOB.

Network Marketing certainly does have its significant differences, and these are why entrepreneurs who choose this path stay with it:

  1. Unlimited income potential
  2. Work in your own hours
  3. Travel – and expense it all
  4. Get to work with new people/ teams all the time
  5. There are variables of chance – luck – and SKILL that come into play to make it all very exciting.

But there are also ways that building your Network Marketing business is very similar to a JOB, and this is where people have unrealistic expectations.

  1. Repetition. There is no escaping the fact that you will always have to repeat the core activities of prospecting, presenting, closing, training, and then duplicating and developing leaders. This is true of month 1, and of year 5!
  2. Repetition. Leaders have activities to open and close a month and reaching down into the organization to see who is running – and advising strategies for them to WIN. You’ve got to run rally calls and help people achieve their goals – EVERY MONTH!
  3. Repetition. Drawing out stick and circles and identifying the HEAT – that is every month!

The MLM Myth of Fast, Easy Money Keeps People Jumpin!

The MYTH is that you build it once and then can walk away. The reality is that MLM success is at least a 5 year plan, and thats if you get to a high rank in year 1 or 2 and keep at it to build deep and wide. In other words, you don’t let up – and even then, it may be a 10 year plan! In traditional business you wouldn’t expect anything else – so why in MLM?

mlm jumperWhy do people give up so easy and move to another company, or quit altogether? Either they aren’t told the truth, or they refuse to believe or understand the truth. They hold onto their unrealistic expectations and place the blame on the opportunity or their support team.

And then when they MOVE to another company, eventually they find that the same rules apply!


So then they have a choice to make again …

  1. Stay with their company and change something about themselves so that they can succeed.
  2. Go to another company.
  3. Quit the industry and give up on their dreams.

So, how are we as leaders to help our team avoid the choice to either MOVE, or QUIT? We have to set realistic expectations so that they know this is a long term plan. If they start without a Network Marketers skill set, or without a sphere of influence, then there will be a ramping up period. How long will that be? Who knows!


Home Based Business Success Secret

The only way to fail is if you quit <<— the truest story ever told.

Ebb & flow in business is inevitable. If you mastered the system for your company and are willing to apply it like it is day 1 – you cannot lose.

If you find yourself saying things like “I need to have FUN again” – go back to the TRUTH, which is YOU must grow to make it fun where you are, not go to find it somewhere else!

Sure, if you MOVE, then it will initially be fun, exciting and new – but unless you got some sort of sign on bonus, or bridge money, then you are also BROKE and broke isn’t fun.

Unless your current company is CRAP – then STAY.
Understand and go with the fact that there is alot of repetition. Find variety that makes you happy in freinds that you make through opening new markets you travel to – whatever it takes. but choose to STAY.

Don’t be a company jumper – read my “12 Crucial Lessons I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Working From Home” to find the 5 critical factors to consider when choosing a home based business so that you can choose a GREAT Network Marketing company and STICK!

If what I wrote resonates with you – or if you totally disagree – I’d love to hear your voice in the comments!


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  1. Mr Move it
    1 year ago

    To have more you MUST become MORE. MOST people are not WILLING to spend 30 minutes a day with themselves. Putting this time to invest in themselves. I KNOW empirically that a person not willing to invest in themselves WILL NOT SEE IT THROUGH.

    It just does not matter what the revenue producing activity is without SELF-DISCIPLINE and PERSISTANCE you will not make it!

    REWARDS are there only for ALL that are willing to TAKE them.

    Mr. Move it! ( M!aking a difference everyday all day )

  2. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    Love it and 100% agree -
    “a person not willing to invest in themselves WILL NOT SEE IT THROUGH.”

    Invest in your own personal growth – it is the most rewarding activity of your business!

  3. Larry Buchanan
    1 year ago

    Great truth in what you are presenting. So often people work harder on the job for someone else’s dreams ,then for themselves. The fact is people need to develop from the inside out to be a leader and teacher. Lead by example and by helping enough people to get what they want first and then receive the blessing and fruit of there efforts.

  4. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    And this takes TIME, for most!

  5. Steve Nicholas
    1 year ago

    Great post, Melanie! I know that I am not where I want to be in the world of network marketing, but I know that there are people who have made it. I could not agree with you more about the false expectations that too many insist on perpetuating. I don’t do that, and I would much rather lose a potential business partner than get someone to sign up only to quit a few months later because he/she isn’t a millionaire already.

  6. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    Right? They expect their mlm business to grow like magic!
    That ‘magical growth’ takes a whole lotta foundation!

  7. Donna Allen
    10 months ago

    This was so profound, yes it takes time to work on you. Learn from the many pitfalls.
    I have found in my life as the great ~ Napoleon Hill said “Pause if you will but,don’t stop

    In this industry you have to find what fits you. My shoe size or color may not be to your liking.
    I now know why all those years. I dis-liked explaining. People do not duplicate. I’m more comfortable in guiding and showing you what you need to learn about what I chose to do.

    My title is this:”Network Promoter Affiliate”. Other peoples ideas etc. I fund my business working a Job. I make time for Personal Development. To Earn Part Time Residual Income.

    I have learned from many mentors and Melanie is in that list. :-)

  8. Donna Allen
    10 months ago

    Correction on my last comment. I work full time and work part time to earn “Long Term Residual Income.” If I have learned one thing is this. Most People Get it and Some Don’t. This is where you draw the line. The other person has to see it, and answer the question in their own mind.

    Can I do this? Will I do this? And is it worth it? I know the answer. The other person will have to answer those questions.

  9. Melanie Milletics
    10 months ago

    Because you do make the time for personal development, your life is better than MOST! Full time, or part time – you’ve got to work on yourself if you are to be a success in Network Marketing!