Fear or Ego? One of the Two is Keeping You From Being Successful in Your Home Based Business

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What is stopping you from being successful in your home based business? I believe its one of two things- either FEAR, or EGO. Once you have identified which is hindering you, you’ve got to kick it to the curb and get on with your goal of being a successful entrepreneur!

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Back in 2001 when I began this journey, I followed the advice of my upline and began to listen to Personal Development Training.  In those audios I heard a recurring theme that goes something like ‘be aware of those you spend the most time with, because your income will match theirs’.  As a stay at home mom, this didn’t sit real well with me. The people I spent the most time with were my family, and my close friends. These are people who I loved dearly, and I wasn’t about to ditch them for the sake of success. I also wasn’t about to strap my two young children to my hips so that I could go hang with millionaires… not a very realistic path to success. So I did what I could – and that was spend time with successful people, virtually! I listened to successful people in my car, in my house. I surrounded myself with their thoughts and ideas… and I re-trained my brain.

You have to change your MIND before you can change your bank account! – Melanie Milletics

Personal development is key to your success as an entrepreneur. You should spend at least 10 minutes every single day re-training your brain. Right now I’ listening to Tony Robbins – “Unleashing the Power Within”. The entire course is mind bending – but I simply had to relate one of the lessons to building our Network Marketing business.   The lesson has everything to do with going from doing a poor job, to an outstanding one, and the results along the way.

Be Honest, What Kind of Job Are You Doing In Your Home Based Business?
Poor Job = No Rewardpersonal development

The sad truth of the matter is, most people are doing a really poor job in their home based business – but they are expecting to be paid!  They have not learned the prospecting script or the system used to market their business. They are pretty much just winging it, and have their own script. They let their ego get in the way of their success.

Or, perhaps they do know the script and the system inside and out – but they are fearful of contacting quality prospects. Fear is their hindrance.

Whether its fear or ego in your way, when you do a poor job, you get NO reward.
If you do a poor job at your place of employment you get fired.
If you treat your significant other poorly, you lose them.
If you treat your health with disregard, you get sick.

No one would argue that doing a poor job on your health and getting sick is a ‘reward’ of any kind. Its a consequence.  The consequence of your doing a poor job in your Home based business is that you go no reward – no paycheck.

Why do people get started in Network Marketing, do a poor job,  and then complain that it doesn’t work? They play the blame game. They blame the company, their upline, their products, the comp plan – everything but themselves.

A select few will kick fear and ego to the curb and take action enough to go on to do a GOOD JOB.

Good Job = Poor Reward

Those people who learn the script and the system and talk to quality prospects consistently will see some growth in their business. Unfortunately, they may feel like its its just growing fast enough, and that if they compare themselves to people who have years of experience at doing a good job in life… they may really feel like they are getting a poor reward.
Maybe they hit a rank, but then did not re-qualify.
Maybe they even hit a rank with some prestige, but then fell back.
They did a good job once, but now aren’t contacting enough quality prospects, or following up enough.

The law of sowing and reaping always applies!

The crazy thing is, if you do a good job, you get a poor reward.
Most people fall into this category. But there is really great news! If you continue to GROW your skill set, continue to contact quality prospects, and engage in a Personal Development Plan, you can reach the next stage – which is not so far off!

Excellent Job = Good Reward

This is where the high ranking people in your company sit. They consistently do an excellent job and are raising up leaders in their organization to do the same. They probably earn six figures and have the time freedom and lifestyle that keeps them comfortable and are generally considered ‘successful’.  But even they are looking to take one more step up- and as they grow in skill and as a leader, they strive to be OUTSTANDING.

Outstanding Job = GREAT Reward

Outstanding is just one step up from excellent, but it is indeed where the magic happens. This should be the goal of everyone who begins this journey ~ and it is the goal IF and only IF it is worked for! Outstanding is not something you stumble into, and it has nothing to do with luck.

Lucky breaks does not mean you are outstanding! And if your gains are had from luck alone, they may not last. Ask those lottery winners what happened to their riches, squandered away as they did a poor job of managing it.

Outstanding is a place we can all stand, if we so choose to grow from Good to Excellent and then reach for more in life as we grow in skill and avidly apply the lessons of personal development.

Are you up for the task? Its one that requires utmost persistence, but the rewards are GREAT!

Where Do YOU Sit On the Continuum From Doing a Poor Job at Your Home Based Business,  To Outstanding ?

The first step to change, is to be honest with yourself. Take a look at the type of reward you are getting from your work at home. If its not what you would like, then its time to step up.

Right now, if you think you will hit your goals, but you are ‘busy’ doing a poor job, you are wishing. You cannot WIN.

Remember, it’s either fear or ego that keeps in in poor with no rewards. Figure out which it is, and kick it to the curb!


Does this resonate with you? If you engage in personal development to increase your success in your Network Marketing or any kind of Home Based Business, I’d love to hear your comments below!


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  1. Laurel LaFlamme
    1 year ago

    Ego or Fear? Definitely fear — fear of cold calling most of all. Finding the people to speak “to” is the issue where I live. We’re not allowed to go door-to-door in our own neighborhood, or even B2B without fear of repercussions.

    Our HoA has already warned me about “pandering” to my neighbors! “Pandering?” I explained I was selling nothing, only inviting MY NEIGHBORS to MY home to discuss their health…no! Not allowed. (Pandering is allowed for five days at a time with approved city AND country licensure that is ridiculously expensive – so that’s out for now)

    The fear of failing is strong at times. We believe in our product so intensely, we share it everywhere we go, we tell others at every turn how it’s changed our life forever…but it’s not enough.

    It’s is the fear of (as you say) working so hard and seemingly not moving along fast enough, well, it gets discouraging. That’s what we’re fighting, so you nailed it.

    We are not giving up! We just might have a learning curve here. It seems like no matter how hard people stomp their feet and proclaim how much they need to change their lives and their health…it’s like they’re on “Island Time.” — no sense of urgency to get started already!

    We just had a family member tell us publicly via FB to “NEVER invite her to our events again!” She NEEDS what we have to offer, has never been to our “events” and still rejects it…perplexing.

    SO what are we missing here when we follow the script, follow the plan, but are not getting enough leads to have the people to talk TO…if we’re experiencing this, surely others are, too.

    It’s not for lack of wanting to succeed. Not fear of hard work. Not ego at all. It has to be something on our end. We want to figure this out.

    We’ve identified the fear. We want to overcome it — now “how” to go forth and do better still lingers?

    Thank you for taking the time to help us evaluate our fears, ego, and desires.

  2. “Outstanding Job =Great Reward” . This resonates so deeply and should spur people into taking an honest look at their daily activities and their mindset/personal growth. There are so many things we can “get away with”. If we are smart we can get good grades in school just by playing the game well – not really being outstanding, just good enough. In jobs we can often do the same thing. Many do, because they are not truly passionate about what they are doing and so they do just good enough.

    Home business is different. The mindset is different and the skill set is different. You cannot “slide through” and expect great success as an entrepreneur. It’s been said that the greatest gift from creating your own business, is not the financial success. It is the personal growth that must occur in order to achieve the success.

    Excellent article Melanie!

  3. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    Indeed! The greatest reward is the personal growth that must occur in order to be a success in Network Marketing!

  4. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    3:3:10 at minimum, every day – without fail.
    3 NEW contacts
    3 Follow ups
    10 minutes of personal development.

    If you are running out of prospects – go find them! Find the networking groups where you live and connect with the movers and shakers. You can build a thriving business despite your friends and family, if you just connect with people in your community.

    Remember – stick to the MESSAGE. Its Challenge first, not products.
    See you in Orlando!

  5. Sherry Prince
    1 year ago

    It is so obvious…FEAR! Something I have been cursed with most of my life all the way back to early childhood. I began working online 10 years ago doing one thing or another. I joined my first Network Marketing company in 2005. A friend talked me into this or I would have never joined…I had no passion for the product. Certainly I failed miserably, but not just because of a lack of passion but also a huge FEAR of picking up that phone! I just didn’t realize the fear until the second company I became a part of.

    The first year I was in the POOR JOB/NO REWARD phase. I really loved the company though so I hung in there and took coaching classes for a short while. Finally I moved up to GOOD JOB/POOR REWARD and stayed here for a length of time. And then I was approached with another opportunity.
    After researching this other opp for a few months I decide to come on as a customer ONLY!

    On the 10th day of using the product I said “Sign me up…I love this product!” and I have never looked back. I love my company and have a genuine passion for what we do. I had never felt like this about ANYTHING I had ever done before. I was still in the GOOD JOB/POOR REWARD phase. I knew with all my heart and soul that this was home for me. I just needed to make some changes because I will one day be a top earner.

    Several months ago I began working on my personal development skills. I rarely ever listen to music anymore. When I have time to read…it isn’t a magazine unless it’s “Success”. I read books by John C Maxwell, Hardy, Hill, and yes…Joel Olsteen. Personal Development is all around us if we just open our eyes to it.

    I definitely know that Excellent Job/Good Reward is right at my fingertips. I definitely know the way to it is through a sound Personal Development Program not only for me but my team as well. Thank you so much Melanie for reminding me just how crucial it is!

  6. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your process so that others can see that they are ‘normal’ to move through this at their pace.
    But as they say, once you know the way – you can no longer bury your head in the sand! Move forward!

  7. Don
    1 year ago

    Yes this article resonates for sure. I think it must be fear and ego that is holding back. I have lot to kick to the curb. I need a pair of Tony Lama boots to kick this much.

    Thanks for the article

  8. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago