"How to Dominate LinkedIn Marketing in 2018"

Discover How to Tap Into the LinkedIn Goldmine to Enroll Highly Influential Builders Into Your Business Every WEEK! Even if Nobody Knows Who You Are Now!

  • Are you frustrated with the quality or quantity of prospects you are generating on Social Media?
  • Discover how you can generate daily leads on the "Quality People" Network, LinkedIn
  • With the LinkedIn Leads System, you will learn how have your PERFECT prospect calling YOU!

​When I began working from home in 2001 I was a "hippie momma" with ZERO circle of influence. I'd be the last person to tell you to make a list of your friends and family to be successful! - Melanie Milletics

Are You Frustrated Dealing with Time-Wasting, Poverty Minded, Tire-Kickers on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? 
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This is how you really recruit more new people to your Network Marketing downline in a month than most do in a year...

I have to share a dirty little secret. And this secret is very real…not some hype to get your attention.

You see, recruiting has changed since I started back in the pre 'attraction marketing' days of 2001…

Email marketing and social media aren’t what they used to be.

And let’s not even talk about the day to day and even hour to hour changes in paid online advertising.

The days of spamming a personalized company URL to a Facebook profile dozens of times a week or sending email after email with offers to join a downline have changed for good.

So… What’s the dirty little secret?

How do the network marketing pros REALLY build their downlines fast?

By approaching, recruiting, and working through highly connected & influential movers and shakers.

They won’t tell you that…

But it’s true.

And here’s an even uglier truth.

You’ve probably heard the phrase before : “People are either links or leaders.” And you have to “sort and sift through” to find those leaders.


What if you could leapfrog the links (poverty minded tire-kickers) and go straight to the top leaders like the pros do even if no one knows who you are yet?!


What if there was a way to access pools of influencers and movers & shakers who were excited about meeting you …even if you’re new to your company?


What if there was a way to use social media that wasn’t spammy, was EFFECTIVE and positioned you as a celebrity so you’re recruiting new people into your downline like clockwork every week?


What if there was a system that consistently put these top people in your downline month after month without you EVER being rejected?

And that means…

You’ll never have to approach friends and family again plus you can finally achieve the income you’ve wanted even if you’ve never come close to it before...

If you want personal and financial freedom but haven’t been able to attain it through “traditional” means…

Then stop going after the “links” and start working with the leaders even if no one knows who you are right now or you’re new to your company.


If you’re a seasoned pro – but you’re looking for a NEW system no one is using and you want to grow your downline faster and more consistently, listen up…

The LinkedIn Leads System will get you new Influential People In your Downline EVERY MONTH…

…by using LinkedIn effectively, you'll have TOP movers and shakers calling you! These are the best HOT leads... EVEN if nobody knows who you are right now.


If you just get ONE influencer in your business, they can put dozens or even hundreds of new distributors in your downline overnight because of their sphere of influence.

Imagine if it was just two leaders? Or two leaders a WEEK!

Are you ready to put more people in your downline in a month than most do in a year?

Are you ready to “leap frog” over the links and go straight to the leaders?

That’s what the "LinkedIn Leads System" does for you even if no one knows who you are yet.

You get all the scripts, tools and systems you require to grow your list of leaders consistently.

So if you want at least 2 influential leaders a month who lead you to dozens or even hundreds of new recruits a month, grab your spot below:

Easy to follow, step by step checklist included! I've been working, learning and teaching online for more than 16 years! I'm painfully aware of how many people purchase courses and then find them too complicated to follow along. I've included a step by step checklist for you to print as you learn, and then to follow along as you apply the system daily. You will be able to learn, apply, and earn!

LinkedIn Leads System

Why Compete With Every Other Online Marketer on Facebook, When Your Best Prospects are on LinkedIn?

Here's how I see it...
Most home based business professionals (coaches, consultants, network marketers, affiliates) are throwing their 'net' on Facebook.

But there are literally THOUSANDS of nets on Facebook all trying to catch the same fish!

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't fish there at all - but if you look at your results and you aren't happy with:
- - - the quantity of clients, customers or enrollments you are getting...
- - - or the 'funnel' you have to build to be successful is daunting and overwhelming...

Discover how to have quality prospects  Calling You!

Use the: LinkedIn Leads System

Get Instant Access to the LinkedIn Leads System Video Training & Easy to Follow Checklist NOW!

  1. How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile: Learn the secrets to having your perfect prospects find you, and want to connect!
  2.  Use proven scripts to engage prospects: LinkedIn is DIFFERENT. Learn how to systematically follow up with prospects to have them want to set appointments to see your presentation!
  3. Become a LinkedIn "Thought Leader": Learn how to stay 'top of mind' with your prospects so that they convert faster to sales!
LinkedIn Leads System

What People Are Saying About the "LinkedIn Leads System"

Get Instant Access to the LinkedIn Leads System Video Training & Easy to Follow Checklist NOW!

LinkedIn Leads System

Melanie Milletics
Creator of LinkedIn Leads System

Who is Melanie Milletics?

I am a Global Network Marketing Professional who began in the industry in 2001 as a stay at home mom with a very small circle of influence. To be successful, I had to come up with creative ways to find new prospects to speak with daily. I've perfected my methods for lead generation and have earned more than a Million Dollars in what began as ‘Mom’s Little Home Based Business’. I enjoy sharing with Network & Affiliate Marketers how they can build a business without relying solely on friends and family.

Will the "LinkedIn Leads System"
Work for You?

Will it work for you? It will if you work it!
Please understand that with the "LinkedIn Leads System you'll connect with highly qualified people excited to hear about what you do and you won't have to talk to friends and family. 

Here's What You're Getting: Access to step by step Video training as well as Bonus Q&A. You'll be privy to the ONLY training I know of that will give you the skill of effortlessly enrolling quality influencers from LinkedIn into your downline every month even if no one knows who you are right now. And when an influencer connects to dozens or even hundreds of people they know...you can watch your team grow to more people in a month than most do in a life time!

"LinkedIn Leads System" vs Same Old Same Old

If not the Linkedin Leads System, then WHAT? Will you continue to market to the same people that every other marketer online is swamping with their offers? How is that working out???

LinkedIn Leads System

  • Learn to prospect on the 'Quality People" network!
  • Follow a system that takes 20 minutes a day and have prospects calling YOU!
  • Learn to conduct business like a professional and be an ambassador to our profession.
  • Become an authority on LinkedIn and have hundreds of thousands of people wanting to connect with YOU!
  • Recruit UP!

Old Way

  • Compete to market to the same tire-kickers as everyone else!
  • Spend hours scrolling, or inboxing strangers to 'prospect' them about your opportunity.
  • Be seen as scammy and part of the 'NFL Club" as you chased away your friends!
  • Farm your Facebook friends for people that look like they MIGHT have a business bone in their body.
  • Recruit lottery mentality folks...

Get Instant Access to 10+ Video Trainings and a Checklist to follow

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to connect with your PERFECT prospect on LinkedIn in less than 20 minutes a day.
  • Scripts and email templates to engage your new contacts
  • How to get your ideal prospect to automatically set an appointment with you
  • Have hundreds of thousands of your perfect prospects want to connect with YOU
  • How to run "top of mind' campaigns in 10 minutes a week.
LinkedIn Leads System

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't connect with your ideal prospects within 2 weeks of using our proven system, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this really complicated or technical?

P.S. If you are tired of competing against every other marketer on Facebook, exhausted by the effort you've put in to find too few prospects of dubious quality, or frustrated by the sales funnels and complexity of marketing on Facebook, you will love the profitability and ease of the LinkedIn Leads System!

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