How Do You Help The People On Your Network Marketing Team Who Won’t Recruit?

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MLM Fact: a High Percentage of Distributors Will Never Recruit Anyone

When you recruit business builders for your Network Marketing Business, the fact is only 20% at most are ever likely to recruit anyone else, ever! Hope that doesn’t totally bust your bubble. If you are still working to build an organization this might be a bit disappointing. If you have built a MLM team of significant size, then you know that 20% is a HIGH number! And when you consider what ‘duplication’ actually means, the number is much lower – at perhaps 5%. But for the sake of this discussion, please know I am saying that maybe 20% of your home based business distributors will ever enroll another rep, ever. The other 80% are what we call ‘glorified customers’.

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zig ziglarGlorified customers are people who enrolled as a distributor, and could make money from the opportunity if they chose to actually work the business. For whatever reason, they choose to not move forward, but they do continue to order the product month after month.  They may also attend calls and live events. They may love the culture and the idea of being in business – but they don’t ever actually do the work to earn a check. Your glorified customers may baffle you – but they make up a good percentage of your residual check – so they are to be appreciated much!

Jim Rohn has a classic explanation of this phenomena and how it plays out in your MLM Business Opportunity. He says you can only expect maybe 1% of people to ever be truly working at 100% of their capabilities in this business. Realistically, you’ll have  some that work at 60% and quite a few more that will work at 30%. And then you have the glorified customers that aren’t really working at all.  Your goal is to understand it, accept it, and not expect the 30%ers to ever behave like the 60%ers or the 60%ers to ever behave like the visionary leaders.  You just have to accept, roll with it, and keep recruiting! All of those types of people will make up your organization, and contribute to your volume and your check, in their own way.  Tension arises when you want it more for them than they want it for themselves.


Help Those Who Can’t Recruit in MLM to Make a Profit Anyway!

So what to do with these glorified customers? Do we just accept it and essentially leave them to place their order, and accept that their volume contribution will only ever be their personal purchases? After all, they are apparently never going to approach anyone with the opportunity. They will probably never recruit a single business builder.  You wont see ‘duplication’ from them. Heck, you can’t even get a list from them so that you could taproot through them to find a builder…. or can you?

I have a strategy for you – one that will only work if you work with Legitimate Home-Based Business Opportunities that have products with real value in the marketplace. If you work with a fake MLM Fraud that only emphasizes recruiting and has no real customer acquisition model in place, you are out of luck. Fake Network Marketing Scams don’t have actual customers, and essentially sell a biz opp only.  If you sell a biz opp,  you can expect 80% or more attrition from those that don’t duplicate. That just sucks -
But thats another blog post altogether.

So the strategy that will work if you actually work with  real Home-Based Business Opportunities is to taproot through your glorified customers’ warm market by helping them to simply refer customers to the company.  Since they are unwilling to practice the prospecting for business builders approach with either cold or warm market, take the pressure off of them completely about recruiting – and just ask for referrals for your products.  If you have a business model where they can host a party and they can invite their friends knowing that they will never be pitched the opportunity … watch them fill the house!  Some people are just mortified at the thought of asking people they know to join them in business – but they are thrilled to share their testimonial and enthusiasm for a product or service that they actually love.  If you actually get them to meet up to learn about your product or service, you’ll be able to easily pick out who has PMA (positive mental attitude) and would be a blast to work with! If they simply give you a list and you are on the phone to present the product or service, its still very easy to identify who the ‘live ones’ are. Your job is to enroll them as customers of your ‘glorified customer’ who referred them, and to followup properly to go for the upgrade conversation in time.

What do I mean by the ‘upgrade conversation? It goes something like this: “So you have gotten excellent results using XYZ? Who do you know who would like to get the same results as you. ” . Essentially you are asking for the referral – but when they give you those referrals you must tell them that someone is going to earn a check when they buy, would they like that someone to be them?

Easy as that! You were finally able to tap root through to your ‘glorified customer’s’ contacts in a way that was comfortable and natural for them – because they were simply referring customers to something they genuinely enjoy using…  And ultimately you used your talent scout abilities to find the business builders amongst the customers referred.

What happens if you go through this process, but you only find more customers? Its still a WIN! You helped a team member earn customer commissions they would not have earned otherwise – and You have more volume – and a bigger check!

The bottom line is, the 80% of your organization that is made up of ‘glorified customers’ can still be a fabulous source of referrals that you can taproot through to find the builders you are looking for to be a success in Network Marketing. In fact, there are even some visionary leaders connected to those ‘glorified customers’, but you will never know, unless you ask!

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