12 Crucial Lessons I’ve Learned in 12 Years Of Working From Home

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Aren’t you the lucky one? You’re going to drastically shorten your learning curve and avoid many of the pitfalls that take Home Business owners under!


In this ebook I share with you…

  • The critical factors that every successful home based opportunity must have ~ avoid the charlatans and dinosaurs!
  • The one thing you can do right NOW that is guaranteed to increase your ability to earn in the Network Marketing industry.
  • When to use Internet Marketing to build your business … and more importantly, when NOT to!
  • What may be missing from your success ‘recipe’ that is keeping you from the true residual income dream!

    Download your copy of 12 Crucial Lessons I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Working From Home, NOW!

    Once you have read “12 Crucial Lessons”, please take 20 seconds to share with me your biggest takeaway from my ebook in the comments below.
    I’d really appreciate it!

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  1. Your book NAILED it Melanie! You asked readers to comment on their biggest takeaways – I had two..
    The first I’m going to quote you “To find these people with potential, give every one of your recruits 2 tasks when they are first enrolled. One should be an action task, and the other, personal development.
    Those who get back to you quickly are coachable – and they are the ones you will spend your time with!
    As you spend your time with these individuals, helping them to rise up to their potential, you are developing your leadership muscle.”

    This way of finding the 18% – those with leadership potential who may not be the instant firecrackers, resonated deeply with me. You allow people to take the actions which moves them into their greatness, and see who actually does it. Beautiful!

    The second piece that grabbed me was the part about outsourcing your marketing and social media campaigns. I’ve been hesitant to do that because of wanting the messages to “feel” like me. But I do know that someone good at this can do that, and does do that for many different clients. There are marketing campaigns that have sat on the back burner for months due to lack of time building the rest of my business and supporting my rapidly growing team. Maybe it’s time those tasks were given to someone who can get them done!!

  2. Philip Tuuta
    1 year ago

    Hi Melanie

    I have downloaded and read every word your eBook.

    I have also printed it out and I am going to have bound to use as a resource for introducing new people to MLM.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Philip Tuuta

  3. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    That’s awesome Philip! What a GREAT idea!
    Perhaps I should have it bound as well…. a physical version.

  4. Nicole Safley
    1 year ago

    Melanie…in anticipation of learning from you at No Excuses, I read your entire eBook! Wow! My most impactful takeaways were related to consistency and coaching.

    Recently found myself jumping between several companies. Your advice, although simple, to stick with one company until you reach success was very powerful. I agree 100% and am now totally committed and ready to move forward.

    Also loved your suggestion to hire a coach. My upline simply doesn’t know how to train on the things that I’d like to do in my business. I realize that it’s up to me to find that coaching to get where I want in my business. Thank you for these insightful nuggets!

  5. Melanie Milletics
    1 year ago

    You are so very welcome! I do hope you will reach out to my coach at http://melaniemilletics.com/AskMyCoach

  6. Anthony French
    4 months ago

    Thank You Melanie,
    For your very intuitive e-book.
    2 takeaways really struck home with me..
    The first was the 80/20 principle which you added a great angle.i.e. We should be talking to prospects 80% of the time,and 20% should be managing our business.
    The second was get a MLM coach.
    Great advice.
    All the Best,
    Anthony French

  7. Melanie Milletics
    4 months ago

    Everyone who strives to be excellent in their craft should have a coach – professional Network Marketers included!